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Jürgen Buchmüller
gdash: remove gdash-data + drop noarch
Adam Beckmeyer
pantalaimon: update to 0.7.0.

Remove deprecated noarch.

Closes: #24836 [via git-merge-pr]
Adam Beckmeyer
python3-matrix-nio: update to 0.15.1.

Remove deprecated noarch.
Anthony Iliopoulos
apt: update to 2.1.10.
Anthony Iliopoulos
sparsehash: update to 2.0.4.
bmake: update to 20200902.
dar: update to 2.6.12.

Closes: #24973 [via git-merge-pr]
clipgrab: update to 3.8.14.
skype: update to
Noel Cower
varnish: update to 6.5.0
Noel Cower
sops: update to 3.6.1
python-exifread: update to 2.3.1.
Anthony Iliopoulos
numactl: update to 2.0.14.
Anthony Iliopoulos
freeipmi: update to 1.6.6.
Kartik Singh
docker-compose: update to 1.27.3.
Daniel Eyßer
restic: update to 0.10.0.
python3-grpcio: restrict archs and add patch from grpc
Alex Lohr
slack: update to 4.9.1
Mohammad Amin Sameti
ffmpeg: Add support for webp codec
Jürgen Buchmüller
SMC: remove SMC-data + drop noarch, fix xlint
nm-tray: fix typo

[ci skip]
Gabriel Sanches
New package: rust-analyzer-2020.09.14
Felix Kleinschmidt
amdvlk: update to 2020.Q3.5
Lucas Treffenstädt
intellij-idea-ultimate-edition: update to 2020.2.2.
Érico Rolim
nwg-launchers: update to 0.3.4.
Piotr Wójcik
tuxpaint-stamps: drop noarch
Piotr Wójcik
tuxpaint-data: move into tuxpaint
Piotr Wójcik
python3-nose-random: drop noarch
Piotr Wójcik
OpenLP: drop noarch
Andrew J. Hesford
New package: python3-grpcio-tools-1.32.0
Andrew J. Hesford
New package: python3-grpcio-1.32.0
kapman: update to 20.08.1
kblocks: update to 20.08.1
kmines: update to 20.08.1
Toby Merz
vscode: update to 1.49.1 + switch to electron9. [ci skip]
John Sullivan
pinephone-kernel: update to 5.8.10.

Merge mainline patch 5.8.10 (even-out with linux5.8 package) plus backports for
modem driver in 5.9
Karl Nilsson
python3-trimesh: update to 3.8.8.
André Cerqueira
pari-seadata-big: fix vcopy / add wildcard
André Cerqueira
pari-seadata: fix vcopy / add wildcard
Adam Gausmann
easyrsa: update to 3.0.8.