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Anthony Iliopoulos
libedit: update to 20210522.3.1.

Closes: #31484 [via git-merge-pr]
Andrew Benson
python3-blessed: update to 1.18.1.
Érico Nogueira
mdBook: update to 0.4.10.
Martin Tournoij
uni: update to 2.2.1

Also set the correct version in the build comamnd, so "uni version"
won't show "git".

Adopt package as its upstream maintainer.

Closes: #31502 [via git-merge-pr]
leocad: update to 21.06.

Expand distfiles URL where possible, add post_extract so the builddir
can be cleaned up properly (library.bin would stay there, otherwise).

Closes: #31472 [via git-merge-pr]
i3blocks-blocklets: update to 2.0.0.
grml-zsh-config: update to 0.18.0
Anthony Iliopoulos
FreeRADIUS: update to 3.0.23.
py3status: update to 3.37.

Remove custom do_check, since pytest is used automatically if detected.

Closes: #31475 [via git-merge-pr]
Anthony Iliopoulos
squid: update to 4.15.

Fix changelog.

Closes: #31480 [via git-merge-pr]
Evgeny Ermakov
vsftpd: update to 3.0.4.
Anthony Iliopoulos
sfeed_curses: update to 0.9.12.
Anthony Iliopoulos
sfeed: update to 0.9.24.
Anthony Iliopoulos
tcpdump: update to 4.99.1.

Closes: #31487 [via git-merge-pr]
Anthony Iliopoulos
libpcap: update to 1.10.1.

Closes: #31488 [via git-merge-pr]
Anthony Iliopoulos
tig: update to 2.5.4.
unrar: update to 6.0.7.
Anthony Iliopoulos
nfs-utils: update to 2.5.4.

Closes: #31499 [via git-merge-pr]
Anthony Iliopoulos
fuse3: update to 3.10.4.

Closes: #31492 [via git-merge-pr]
Andrew J. Hesford
nvidia390: use new initramfs-regenerate trigger
Andrew J. Hesford
nvidia: use new initramfs-regenerate trigger
Andrew J. Hesford
zfs: use new initramfs-regenerate trigger
Andrew J. Hesford
xbps-triggers: add initramfs-regenerate trigger

This abstracts away the `dracut -f -q --regenerate-all` that appears in
nvidia and zfs packages, allowing users to disable global regeneration,
use dracut (by default, to preserve existing behavior) or mkinitcpio.
Eventually, this can be extended with initramfs-tools if we like.

Closes: #31403
  • aarch64_builder: Finished building packages: xbps-triggers zfs failed -  stdio
Evgeny Ermakov
iwd: update to 1.15.
Andrew J. Hesford
duiadns: update to 1.2.
Anthony Iliopoulos
libogg: update to 1.3.5.

Move URLs to HTTPS and add changelog.

Closes: #31491 [via git-merge-pr]
Anthony Iliopoulos
gnutls: update to 3.6.16.
Érico Nogueira
nettle: update to 3.7.3, adopt.
Komikku: remove python3-requests from depends.

python3-cloudscraper depends on it but Komikku itself doesn't.

Also sort depends for convenience.

Closes: #30987 [via git-merge-pr]
removed-packages: remove python3-cloudscraper

As it is reintroduced.
New package: python3-cloudscraper-1.2.58

reintroduce as Komikku needs it again.
python3-keyring: update to 23.0.1.

- update dependencies
New package: python3-importlib_metadata-4.0.1

This package was dropped earlier as its functionality was
added into Python 3.8 standard library.
However, this package contains features that are not (yet) part
of Python's standard library. Those features are needed by
python3-keyring package. So, reintroduce this package.

See: https://github.com/jaraco/keyring/issues/499#issuecomment-798973597
New package: python3-zipp-3.4.1

re-introduce since python3-importlib_metadata needs it.
zchunk: update to 1.1.16.
font-sarasa-gothic: update to 0.32.4
font-iosevka: update to 7.0.4
Alex Lohr
google-chrome: update to 91.0.4472.106
vivid: update to 0.7.0
Benjamín Albiñana
postfix: update to 3.6.1.